Design, Style, Versatility, Robust and Cost Effective.


impulse4 was conceived out of many years of experience from within the Access Control Industries, given the overwhelming range of different manufacturers and frequency ranges across the globe; our designers and technicians recognised the need to research and develop a high quality, Universal Barrier, Garage Door and Gate Remote Control Key Fob that when introduced into the global market would fulfill a niche by eliminating the confusion surrounding this kind of entrance system technology.

By simplifying the user friendliness of a true Universal Remote Control without compromising on technology, we have achieved our goals with impulse4.


OK, it's a remote key fob; we realise that not everyone gets as excited as we do over what on the outside is just a device that when you push a button the gate opens! We won't even bore you to sleep with just how much technology is under that sexy tactile exterior of impulse4. Heres a thought for your consideration - Your very expensive existing original remote key fob can only operate on one system - our very cost effective key fob works on 4! We'll Say no More.

Copies None Rolling Code Devices Throughout Frequency Ranges Listed in Technical Data .

Identify Your Remote > Download Data Sheet Below > Data Sheet Includes Programming Instructions.

Ten reasons to purchase impulse4

1.It’s better than the original

2.It’s more advanced than the original

3.It’s more robust than the original

4.It’s capable of copying up to 4 different frequencies

5.It’s made in the EU

6.It’s CE marked

7.It’s much better value for money

8.It's cheaper to purchase

9.It’s great as a spare

10.It’s Definitely NOT Chinese!!!




•1> Press buttons 1 and 2 together until LED becomes Green

•2> Release Buttons

•3> Press Button desired for duplication

•4> Press and hold the button on original remote keeping approximately 10cm away from the new remote.

Following duplication the LED flashes twice for fixed code, of four times for rolling code. The LED becomes green - DONE!

Confirm by opening the door a number of times.




This device is able to duplicate several types of remote control for gates, garage doors, traffic barriers, which transmit in frequencies between 286 and 868 MHz (433.92, 868.3, 315, 403.55, 418MHz, and all frequencies between 286 and 390 MHz).

Duplication is very easy: both frequency and code is learned automatically, without the need of external equipment.

Each button is independent, so it's possible to clone up to 4 different remote controls, even if they operates in different frequencies. For example, you can duplicate CAME TOP432 (433.92 MHz) on button 1, HORMANN HSM4 (868.3) on button 2, LIFTMASTER 63LM (390 MHz) on button 3 and LINEAR Multicode (300 MHz) on button 4. Any supported code and frequency combination is possible. Look at the compatibility table above!

The remote control is made in EU, supplied in a nice blister, with instructions printed in several languages, 3V battery already installed, both snap hook and key ring, and 2 year warranty.




  • Duplicates up to 4 different systems on one unit
  • Can duplicate over 300 remote key fobs
  • Cost effective solution to expensive lost fobs
  • User friendly device, simple to program
  • Stylish metal chrome and black finish
  • Supplied with high quality key ring adapter
  • Packaged in easy to display clear blister pack
  • Can be used on other wireless systems
  • Manufactured in th EU
  • CE Approved device


User Feedback

  • Purchased for my garage door found it also works on my gate system too
  • Our residents constantly lose their zappers, we find this product very useful to have in our storeroom
  • Works great on my outdoor lights, switch on, open garage door great for the wife at night
  • Bought several for my family and one for my gardner who needs access
  • My daughter keeps losing our Hormann remote, perfect for the job
  • As an Architect it can be frustrating specifying different systems, this is a good alternative to several remotes
  • Fonctionne Tres Bien! Marantec
  • Fantastic Product bought five of these for electric gates
  • Took 2 minutes to set up, works a treat, very happy
  • Fantastic product compared with manufacturers
  • Fabulous Darling!
  • Sound as pound, bargain price A++++++++++++
  • One word - EXCELLENT!
  • Brill better than original
  • Envoi soigné. Bien
  • Good value does the job and instructions very clear
  • Magic, better than original, stronger better looking 5++++++++++++++++++++++=Marantec
  • Reliable, Easy to program, more orders to follow
  • tres bon produit !!!
  • Works just fine. Ta
  • Great product. Does exactly what it promises for a fraction of the price A+++